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Upholding Rights! Early Legal Intervention for Victims of Trafficking aims to establish best practice in securing the protection of victims of trafficking (VoT) through early legal intervention, thus enhancing their social recovery and their role as witnesses. The project builds on the existing international consensus that the fight against trafficking must include a rights-based approach to protection of the victims. The EU has strengthened this position by adopting priorities and objectives that clearly outline the legal rights of VoT, and support the prompt collaboration between the State and civil society in upholding these rights. The ELI Partners are: Immigrant Council of Ireland (Lead Partner), LSA Glasgow, AIRE London, MONIKA Finland, BGRF Bulgaria and KSPSC Lithuania.

An essential component in securing the human rights and dignity of VoT is the provision of understandable correct information on the legal and administrative options available. The concept of Early Legal Intervention (ELI) incorporates the provision of confidential advocacy at the first encounter between victims and authorities, risk assessment of immediate protection needs, decision on the best/most appropriate route for protection by State, ensuring recovery and reflection (R&R) prior to interviews, assessing criminalisation risks e.g. immigration offences, alternative protection route in case the exploitation is not part of a human trafficking crime, in the full legal term. read more